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Kacper was born in 2009 in New York City with a rare genetic disorder called Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. This condition affects skeletal muscles, which are muscles that are used for movement.
He is the youngest of the five brothers, and the only one with health issues. Kacper is a very smart and talented child, but this progressive disease stops him from doing many things, such as playing with other kids in the park.
Kacper stopped walking a year and a half ago and now he is in a wheelchair. He is a special needs child and needs to have constant physical and occupational therapy for his muscles to work. Unfortunately his insurance doesn't cover all the expenses for therapies. He requires special equipment that is very expensive, and also not covered by his insurance.
The disease is quickly progressing and there is no real treatment except for one - a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately the transplant for this disease is not approved in the USA. It is approved in countries such as Ukraine, Poland and the Beike institute in China.
Dr W. Kulak in Bialystok,Poland is willing to help Kacper, but the transplant has to be done as soon as possible because the disease is quickly progressing. In the next 6 months it is likely that it will be too late. The family doesn't have money to travel to Poland for the treatment so they are loosing hope for this beautiful and smart boy. Without a stem cell transplant Kacper faces a future with many surgeries and treatments to keep him alive. He can avoid that with a stem cell transplant. Kacper is already registered in Poland for a treatment. The first visit is scheduled for March 26, 2015. They need to collect money before that date.
Kacper just started school last September . He is doing very well.
Please help this little handsome boy live his dream of running in the park with his friends.

Please share this with everyone you know!
We thank you all for good hearts and your help. Every penny counts.

Thank you so much for your support!


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